Press release

bossZander-Ukraine Company is the first and the only, for a while, company in Ukraine, realizing a project on production, processing and applying of sapropel. Its activity is concentrated on the territory of picturesque Volyn region in such regions as: Shatsk, Stara Wyzhwa and Manevychi. The project realization in the region is not occasional. Here there is the greatest number of fresh-water lakes having mineral sapropel. This raw material has a lot of different nutrients and is suitable for usage in many branches of economy both agriculture and industry. Although our workers have performed a huge amount of work on studying of sapropel and its qualities recycling methods and ways of usage we can say that the raw material is not investigated comprehensively and still has a lot of mysteries, that have been accumulated by nature for 4 000 years.

Company's leaders are greatly thankful to people who helped to develop the project and to maintain its work till now, without their help the production and recycling of sapropel couldn't be reality.

They are:
  • doctor of agricultural sciences professor Shevchyk M. of the Eastern European national university named after Lesia Ukrainka, professor of forest and landscape economy department
  • candidate of agricultural sciences Bortnik T. P., Eastern European national University named after Lesia Ukrainka, senior teacher of forest and landscape economy department
  • candidate of agricultural sciences, senior scientific worker Gavryluk V.A., director of Polissya research station of National scientific center "Institute of Studies and Agricultural Chemistry named after O.N Sokolowski
  • Klimchuk B.P., the head of Volyn regional administration
  • Naida V.S., the head of Shatsk regional administration
  • Holiadynets V.V. - the head of Shatsk district council of Volyn region
  • Holiadynets V.V - the head of Hrabiv village council, Shatck district of Volyn region