Company's history

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"Zander-Ukraine" company was founded in 2005 as a project on production and recycling of sapropel on the territory of Volyn region. Our company is a member of Zander Group (Great Britain). The company has done a great amount of work on research of sapropel deposits on the territory of Volyn region and determined for itself a priority deposit - Prybych in Shatsk region.

Prybych swan 

Sapropel of the deposit is of rather good quality: organic substance, microelements, pH and others.

On the basis of the sapropel scientific research were made and some works were published both in Ukraine and abroad in Spain, Marocco, Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Nigeria, Bahrain. All the researches gave good results and showed the advantage of company's technology over standard decisions.

The company actively works with different scientific establishments. The results of the cooperation are development of technical conditions of humic extract from sapropel - "Saprohum" and its patenting . And all technical conditions for sapropel fertilizers.

Products of our company were highly appreciated both in Ukraine and abroad. It is confirmed by the quality certificates.

Each recommendation on application is based on real field research made by the company and its partners in 2005 -2010 years. The researches were made on different kinds of agricultural cultures that anables our experts to support different projects rather professionally.