Production line

Sapropel is the main product of ‘Zander-Ukraine’. Macro and microelements, biologically active substances, vitamins enough amount of humus acids in the organic substance of sapropel and their high stimulating activity enables to make fertilizers on its bases, soil mixtures, complex of humic preparations that have some positive influence on the bio productivity of soil , growth and development of plants.

Fertilizers and preparations on sapropel bases

Sapropel fertilizers (bio humus) are bulk organic fertilizers

"Saprohum"тм - is a stimulator of plant growth

"Saprohumopast" - is a paste-like organic fertilizer


Agricultural analytical service:
  • Calculation of norms of Zander organic fertilization depending from the soil property;
  • Production of organic fertilizer Zander enriched with macro and microelements complex depending from the soil type and its agricultural chemical type;
  • Support on Zander production usage.