Quality indices

"Saprohum"тм preparation was profoundly approbated in scientific establishments of Ukraine and abroad as to the quality composition.

Agrochemical composition of the "Saprohum"тм preparation
(to absolutely dry substance)
рН  9,0-10,0
general nitrogen, %  1,3-2,2
general phosphorus, % 0,5-0,6
general potassium, % 0,2-11,7
humic acids, % 30,3-41,1
fulvic acids, % 0,6-1,3
calcium (СаСО3), % 6,3-6,7
copper, mg/l 6,0-6,2
manganese, mg/l  100,0
zink , mg/l  2,3-2,4

 According to research results about qualitative composition of the preparation the certificates were got which confirm the high quality of the preparation and its effectiveness both in Ukraine and abroad: