Research and results

Misty irrigation "Saprohumom" - young plants bog bilberries

In Ukraine Polissya research station of National scientific center ‘Institute of Soil Study and Agricultural Chemistry named after O. Sokolovski’ (Lutsk) made a research on its effectiveness. As the result it was established that "Saprohum"тм usage promotes increasing: 

  • Active growth of seedlings:
 Influence of "Saprohum" on the length of vegetable seedlings
saprogum04 en


  • Productivity of vegetables and quality improvements of products ( increasing of vitamin C in vegetables and 2 times decrease of nitrites):
Influence of "Saprohum" on yield of vegetables
Influence of "Saprohum"
on vitamin C amount Vegetables
saprogum05 saprogum06

Experiments on farms showed that usage of the preparation provides increase of weat grain up to 12%, potato tubers - 20 %, root crop of carrot – 25%.

Abroad the investigations on effectiveness "Saprohum"ТМ preparation were done in Italy , United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Libya, Nigeria, Great Britain, Spain and Filipinas. Positive results were observed even visually, and made calculations and estimations show the improvement of growth and development of plants, increase of their yields and quality.

 saprogum01 saprogum02 
Growing without "Saprohum"ТМ preparation
Growing with "Saprohum"ТМ preparation
Growing without "Saprohum"ТМ preparation
Growing with "Saprohum"ТМ preparation