Preparation is recommended for cereal, legumes, vegetables, melons and gourds, fruit and berry, citrus, feed crops, technical and decorative cultures.

"Saprohum"ТМ is used:
  • in pure state;
  • in a mixture with mineral and organic fertilizers or on their background; 
  • simultaneously with pesticides using.
Usage of the preparation reduces doses of mineral fertilizers usage to 20%.


Preparation is used as a working solution which is prepared in the way of dilution of the initial concentrate with water for the necessary salt concentration of humic acids and neutral pH solution (approximately 7).

Group of cultures Seeds soaking Treatment of seeds (sprouts, transplants) Top-dressing l/ha Norm of expenses of the mixture, l/ha Number of treatments, times
ml / 10 l
Cereals, legumes, technical cultures  - 70  2,1 300   1-3
Vegetables, melons and gourds  20 70  2,1 300  2-5 
Fruit and berry and ornamental cultures  20  100 7,0 1000  4-6
Flowers  -  20  -  - 1/month 
Soaking of agricultural seeds and ornamental cultures before planting 
  • time of soaking – 24 hours
Soaking of sprouts before planting. 
  • time of soaking – 2 hours

Treatment is done in the morning, in the evening, or in cloudy days, to prevent burnings and intensive evaporation from the surface of the leaves.


During 2 years since the date of manufacture at temperature of +5 to +10oС in tightly closed container avoiding direct sun.