Research and results

Results if scientific investigations

The results of field and vegetation investigations (Polissya research station of National scientific centre ‘Institute of soil study and agricultural chemistry named after O Sokolovski, Lutsk) show the great effectiveness of paste-like humic fertilizer at growing of agricultural crops.

Summarizing the results we can make a conclusion that usage of paste-like humic fertilizer Saprohumopastтм promotes:

  • increasing of yields
 Вплив пастоподібного гумінового добрива
на врожай сільськогосподарських культур
saprogumopast01 en 


  • increasing of quality of products
 Вплив пастоподібного гумінового добрива
на вміст вітаміну С


  • increasing of nutrients content
 Influence of paste-like humic fertilizer
on the content of nutrients in turfy0 low- podzolic soil