Usage directions:
  • cereal, bean cultures, vegetables, melons and gourds, citrus, fruits and berries, forage crops, industrial crops and ornamental cultures. 
  • for intensive care of low-yielding soils that have not lost natural productivity.

Norms and ways of putting

Ways of usage:
  • equal putting on the soil surface;
  • local putting (into a hole or a row);
  • root fertilizing.
Preparing and spending norms of the preparation working solution

The preparation is put directly into the soil or as a working solution which is done by solving it in water for obtaining necessary concentration of humic acids salts.

Putting in the surface of soil.
  • for agricultural and fruit and berry crops before the fertilization it is necessary to plough the soil in depth of 20-25 cm. Sapropel is put equally after cultivation in norms of 4-5 t/ha. It is desirable to use it after rains or watering. The preparation before putting should be solved into water in the proportion 1: 3. Terms of fertilizing: 3-6 months before the sowing or planting seedlings.
  • for flowers: on the soil surface the layer of 0,5-1 cm density is put and is watered. The terms of fertilizing: 1-2 weeks before or immediately before the sowing (planting).
Local putting.
  • for agricultural plants: before the fertilization it is necessary to plough the soil in depth of 20-25 cm and cultivate it. The preparation is put into the rows before the sowing or planting. Norm of usage is 250– 300 kg/ha;
  • for fruit and berry crops: at planting seedlings the preparation is put into the hole at the root zone. The Norm of fertilizing: for trees – 1 – 2 kg / 1hole, for bushes – 0.5 kg /1 hole;
  • for flowers: the preparation is put into the hole while sowing or planting seedlings. Norms of usage: 10 – 20 gr/1 hole.

Terms of usage: before planting or sowing.

Root fertilizing.
  • for agricultural crops : to solve 1-2 kg of preparations in 500 -1000l of water. The norms of working solution spending is 500 -1000l /ha.
  • for flowers: to solve 1-2g of preparation in 1 l. of water.


At root fertilizing the preparation is necessary to use only after a corresponding solving in water as a high amount of humic acids salts can cause burnings and depression of plants growth. 

Ready preparation it is necessary to use during 2 hours, as after humic acids can residue and a part of their physiologically active properties can be lost.


During 2 years from the manufacturing date at the temperature +5 - +25oС at tightly closed container.

To keep from direct sun