Quality indexes

The sapropel base consists of an organic part which is formed as a result of remains of water plants, ploadostadion, hydrobiots, unicellular algae, zooplankton, microorganism’s activity. As a result in the organic part the whole complex of biological compounds has concentrated – organic acids, carbons, fats, amino acids, proteins and their carbons-lipidic complexes, vitamins – cobalamin – B12, thiamine- В1, riboflavin – В12, pantothenic acid - В3, pyridoxine - В6, folic acid, ascorbic acid – C, carotene – A and hormones, antioxidants, carotinoids, biostimulators of growth and a list of other substanсes. At the same time the maximum of biologically active plants drop to the humic acids, which content varies from 6,7 to 71,2% on an organic substance.

Mineral part of sapropel contains macro and microelements - nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, magnesium, calcium, sulphur, boron, manganese, copper, zinc, iodine, selenium, chromium, cobalt, molybdenum, chromium, beryllium.

Thus, sapropels have the whole complex of organo-mineral compounds, that let it to be used in the agriculture after the advance preparation as an organic fertilizer, for the renaturalization and improvement of agrochemical soil properties and as a biological raw materials for different fertilizers and preparations

Typical analysis
 humidity, %  60-65
ЕС, (1:2)
(product: water),
Density of wet mass t/m3  0,9-1.1
Density of dry mass t/m3  0,4 - 0,6*
 рН  5-7
 Organic substance,%  70-86
Content in terms of absolutely dry substance
 СаСО3 ,%  4-6
 NaCl,%  0,01-0,2
 C/N  12-22
 nitrogen, %  2-4
 phosphorus,%  1,5
 potassium, %  2
 Cu, mg/kg (1н НCl)  1,6
 Mn mg/kg (0,1 н Н2SO4)  8
 Pb, mg/kg (1 н HNO3)  1,8
 Zn, mg/kg (ААБ)  2,6
 Co, mg/kg (1 н HNO3)  1,7
 Cd, mg/kg (1 н HNO3)  0,09
 pesticides  Are not found
 quarantine organisms  Are not found
 Cs, bk/kg  3,3
  * - variations are possible

After the results of research about the study of qualitative content of preparation the certificates has been got. These certificates proved the high quality of the preparation and the effectiveness of its usage not only in Ukraine, but also abroad too: